Rebranding Your Company’s Image On The Web

I wanted to share with you a case study for my friends over at Marino Transportation Services. These guys are good friends and my main goal here was to really give them some quality material that they could use for the next several years.

A little about the company, MTS is a trucking company based out of Baltimore, MD with several other locations across the United States. They ship all sorts of materials, but asphalt is their bread and butter (you’ll see their trucks if you keep scrolling down).

When we first talked, all that they had was an outdated website built in HTML using flash. It wasn’t search engine friendly at all. Old photos, no social media, etc. You get the idea. My job was to change that…and we did.

What I was able to provide was a new website built on WordPress, photography of their trucks, a brand new overall video for their clients and future clients to learn more about the company,  a new Facebook page where they could advertise to new potential drivers as well as adding to the company owners LinkedIn page to really set it apart.

It was great working with them and I look forward to helping them in the digital World as much as possible over the next several years to come!

The New Website


New Photography

asphalt-plant day-tanker-bridge drive-for-mts sleeper-tanker truck-baltimore

New Company Overall Video

New Facebook Page


If you or your company is in the market to rebrand yourself online or to add new photos or videos of your products and services then please contact me here to see how I can help.