5 Reasons Your Company Should Use Online Video

5 Reasons Your Company Should Use Online Video

One day many years ago I was in a gym shooting some photos of a good friend when the manager came up to us and told us that we could no longer do any photos because it was distracting the other members. I was upset, but on this DLSR was a video function, “Keep working out” I told my friend, act like I’m not here. One shoot turned into two and next thing you know I was in the video business filming everything from weddings to corporate videos to events to becoming one of the most sought after fitness videographers around (Thanks to the manager too I guess).

That day though, video became something I truly loved. It became something that I wanted to be apart of forever and I wanted to learn as much as I could about it. Over the years of filming, not only have I learned how to make some pretty cool videos, I’ve learned how effective they can be to help build your brand.

1). Online video engages you with your customers

Have you ever heard of the term “selling before you sell?” It’s weird but if you start using video you’ll soon understand. When you start producing your own videos, whether it’s you talking into a camera, a video of your establishment, members of your staff etc, the viewer starts to have a greater connection. One of the most difficult parts of gaining business is the actual sale, but with a video, the entire time that the audience is watching, you’re slowly starting to sell them a product. Start using video and see how easy it becomes to sell to your respective audience, where’s that camera..

2). Online video is it’s own form of social media

Between social media sites dedicated completely to video like YouTube and Vimeo, apps now rank high in places advertisers want to spend their dollars.  Snapchat, Vine and Instagram have emerged as havens for brands to advertise on. Whether it’s a few minutes long or just a 6 second Vine, there’s money to be made and an audience willing to watch.

3). Everyone is using it, literally

Want to see some amazing facts about video? Check out this article from Video Brewery and just look at the stats, 59 %, According to Forbes Insight, that’s the percentage of senior executives who’d rather watch a video than read text. About 65% of those who view a video click through to visit the vendor website, 50% look for more information and 45% report that they contacted a vendor after seeing an online video ad. About 50% of those who viewed an online marketing video went on to make a purchase for their business.
From a quick survey I did on social media today, 90 % of the people I spoke with had watched some sort of video today on social media, many of them had shared a video recently and all of them had watched a video online this week (a lot of them while at work.. but that’s another topic).

4). Online video is great for sharing

We’ve started to touch on this, but let’s dig a little deeper. The power of sharing. With social media sharing is huge!! Think of it this way, your friend is your trusted source and they put on their Facebook wall or their Twitter feed a video that they find interesting. Since they’re your friend you’re much more inclined to watch that video and the company that produced it is more inclined to get a sale out of it or a new ‘like.’ (Start a sales funnel, make a bunch of money etc.)

5). It’s growing and growing and it’s not just for big companies

Do you have a phone? You have a camera. Between all of the short version sites allowing video to the big production companies, albeit the quality isn’t as top-notch, anyone can film and anyone can make a video today. If you really want to get into video I suggest buying nicer equipment or hiring a professional like myself, but still know that you can get your message out there with just a simple online video from your phone.

check out some video testimonials I used for my friend to drive his personal training business up in a small area of Maryland.

If you want to know more about my video services check out some of my work and make sure to contact me to go over your digital needs!

Build Your Future Clients Trust With Testimonials

One of the greatest assets that you can display on your website or social media is a testimonial. It shows that future client that you’re doing great work and that the people that have spent money on your products, not just fans, are the one’s saying so. There are several areas where you can display testimonials on your website, my recommendation is to have an entire page dedicated to the matter. Let it really stand out.

Want to take it a step further? Go with video. A video testimonial from your clients will do much more than just a page of text. It shows the actual person or company that you helped speaking to your potential customers. It’s selling without selling. If you need a video of testimonials, please reach out to me so we can get the ball rolling and get you more business!

In 2012 I filmed with personal trainer David Johnston and several of his clients. Take a look at the impact they create.

The October Contest – Full Media Package

You know what would be cool? A contest where I give away a bunch of free stuff.


May I present the October Contest.

Here’s what I’m thinking. How cool would it be if I could transform a company’s digital image for absolutely no cost at all to them? I think it would be amazing and that’s exactly what I plan on doing this month to kickoff my brand new website and Facebook page.

Starting October 1, 2015 you can enter your Baltimore, Maryland (or close to it) business into my contest for a full digital media package. The winner will receive….

  • A brand new website (or a redesign of their current website)
  • Product Photography
  • Headshots or staff shots of their employees
  • A company video
  • Setting up social media accounts (to match the look and feel of the website)

Valued at over $7,500, you can have it all just by entering.

First things first, “like” my facebook page. Second, contact me through the “contact” page on the website. For subject, put in “2015 October Contest” and in the message area tell me a little bit about your company and how you think a new digital media presence will help.

I’ll take all of the submissions and on Wednesday October 7, 2015 a winner will be announced (I’ll put all of the names in a hat and pick one at random, don’t worry it will be videotaped).

For those of you brand new to my website, take a few moments to look around at my work.

I think this will be really exciting and really fun and I’m looking forward to helping a Baltimore based company with their digital needs. Please share this post with your friends on social media even if you aren’t planning on entering.

Talk soon and best of luck!


Rebranding Your Company’s Image On The Web

I wanted to share with you a case study for my friends over at Marino Transportation Services. These guys are good friends and my main goal here was to really give them some quality material that they could use for the next several years.

A little about the company, MTS is a trucking company based out of Baltimore, MD with several other locations across the United States. They ship all sorts of materials, but asphalt is their bread and butter (you’ll see their trucks if you keep scrolling down).

When we first talked, all that they had was an outdated website built in HTML using flash. It wasn’t search engine friendly at all. Old photos, no social media, etc. You get the idea. My job was to change that…and we did.

What I was able to provide was a new website built on WordPress, photography of their trucks, a brand new overall video for their clients and future clients to learn more about the company,  a new Facebook page where they could advertise to new potential drivers as well as adding to the company owners LinkedIn page to really set it apart.

It was great working with them and I look forward to helping them in the digital World as much as possible over the next several years to come!

The New Website


New Photography

asphalt-plant day-tanker-bridge drive-for-mts sleeper-tanker truck-baltimore

New Company Overall Video

New Facebook Page


If you or your company is in the market to rebrand yourself online or to add new photos or videos of your products and services then please contact me here to see how I can help.

Blue Agave Baltimore – Food Photography

Blue Agave has become one of my go to spots for Mexican food as well as visiting friends and dining out. After years of harassing the owners about their website and photos, they finally agreed to let me take a stab at redoing their digital presence. When you’re in Federal Hill, make sure to check out this wonderful place. www.blueagaverestaurant.com

guacamole mussels shrimp taco salad spicy guavarita tacos al pastor 2 pina mahitacos atun tres leches cake coca cola wings

Are you looking for food photography for your restaurant? Perhaps a new website to really show people how great your business is? Contact me here and let’s discuss how I can help!

Maryland Food Photography

Nothing says a cure for a hangover like brunch. Mad River decided to get into the game and made a brand new brunch menu that I got to take pictures of (and eat) Here are the delicious results.

waffles parfait 2 pancakes 2 milkshake 2 grits bloody 2pizza-mashupbloody 3bloody 4muffins 2punch

Are you looking for food photography for your restaurant? Perhaps a new website to really show people how great your business is? Contact me here and let’s discuss how I can help!

2014 Maryland Music Awards

I had a chance to take a few photos at the 2014 Maryland Music Awards yesterday December 2, 2014 benefiting the Nicole Van Horn Trust Fund and children with cancer. I was there to help out, if you’re in one of the pictures and would like to use it for anything please feel free (click it for a larger version). Congratulations to the winners and I look forward to seeing everyone there again next year.

ballyhoo-win band Charm-City-Devils